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Conversation design is crucial to unlocking the potential of conversational AI. That’s why we recognize, develop, and promote the role of the conversation designer. Whether you are working at a startup or enterprise, our human-centric design methods are going to help you make chatbots and voice assistant helpful, natural and persuasive.

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How we support leading brands

Companies around the world are looking for conversation designers, a rare breed of people that helps them advance communication between people and AI. That's where we help with the following solutions.



The insights from our assessment help you discover capabilities and identify who can potentially take on which rol in your conversational team. This way you always know who to invest in, helps you source future experts or qualify job applicants.

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Together with leading experts, researchers, technology companies and brands, we develop course materials that prepare you for the exam and support you in your daily work.

  • Completely self-paced. You decide how and when you dedicate your time.

  • Learn wherever you want. Everything you need is available online.

  • Prove your knowledge and quality as a conversation designer with your certificate.

  • On site training to engage your team and get results faster.

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There are many skills required to build a succesful conversation design team. Some are more technical, some more creative. With multiple certificates, you ensure that your team can take on every conversational challenge.

  • Conversation Designer

    Research, sample dialogue, flowcharts, user testing

  • Conversational Expert

    Expert rewrite, bot personality, tone of voice, drive strategy

  • Conversational AI Trainer

    Intent scoping, analytics, implementation

Not sure which certificates you need?

Feel free to reach out and we will quickly assess your needs based on our maturity model.

Currently more than 1.700 certified conversation designers in more than 12 countries.

Work with our experts

Our experts consult you on conversational strategy, design your conversations and work with your team directly to support, coach and edit their dialogues.

  • Hans van Dam
    Co-founder and Dean of the Conversational Academy
  • Jasper Klimbie
    Conversational Expert, Ex Google Assistant NL, screenwriter
  • Mark Boutros
    Conversational Expert, Ex Google Assistant UK and Emmy nominated screenwriter
  • Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald
    Entrepreneur and leading
    voice expert
  • Lisa Talia
    AI Consultant,
    Lecturer Goldsmith University
  • Olaf Igesz
    Co-founder with experience in
    behavior design

We help your organization with

  • Audits

  • Persona development

  • Conversation design

  • On site workshops

  • Office hours

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Our platform-agnostic team works with technologies like

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Our human-centric design method is technology agnostic. That means that all designers can work with every conversational technology. It doesn’t matter which technology you use, our design principles will help you get the most value from them.

For who

No matter which stage of maturity you are, our design methods and certification programs will ensure high quality interactions that delight customers and increase the returns on your AI investments.

Companies of all sizes reach out to us to:

  • Improve their conversational experiences

  • Train their conversation designers

  • Scale their teams across borders

Robocopy truly understands the importance of well designed conversations. By training people they’re enabling companies to do better and create conversations that make an impact with users.

Len Debets, KPMG

Global partner network

We work with a global network of consultants and implementation partners that drive our mission of recognizing, developing, and promoting the rol of the conversation designer.

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We're easy to talk to

Want more information on how we can help you or your organization? Mail your question to: info@robocopy.io or give us a call at: +31 (0) 20 23 71 610.

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Discuss and share knowledge with your fellow conversation designers on our social channels. For more updates, quick reads and in-depth articles make sure to check out our blog.


How much time does the online training require?

That’s entirely up to you. You get access for a year and you can always access course materials. Some people take a week to prepare for the exam, others take their time.

I want my employer to pay for the course, do you have any resources to convince them?

Absolutely. Just reach out and we will send you some materials. Sometimes we even host an online meetup so you can invite your stakeholders.

Can I pay in installments?

Sure can. Please get in touch via the support page and we are happy to make that happen for you.

How long is my certificate valid?

Certificates are valid for two years. Since technology advances quickly, it is important that you update your skills every other year.

How does certification work?

When you request your exam, you will receive a personalized link to the online test as well as a writing assignment. You have two weeks in total to complete both parts. Your work will then be reviewed by our experts. If you scored sufficiently we will send you feedback along with your certificate.

How do I promote conversation design within my organization or network?

Be part of our community. Share the materials. Invite us to speak. We are building this community together.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Visit our support page or reach out to support by sending us an email.

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